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 PTU I love Shopping

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PostSubject: PTU I love Shopping   7/12/2014, 8:47 pm

Kit called the Avenue by Jackie's Jewels Purchase it HERE
Tube an exclusive to this forum by Arthur Crowe
Fonts Buttermilk and  Brace
Mask by Melissa Creations MC_Mask 17 Download it HERE
Filters/ Plugins:
Eye Candy4 Gradient Glow
Xenofex2 Constellations
PSP filters- Topography and halftone

Open a new canvas flood filled in white sized 650 by 650 pixels
Place the mask element from the kit and reduce the size by 98% then apply EFFECTS_ARTISTIC EFFECTS- TOPOGRAPHY at default
Place Frame1 above that layer and reduce by 80%
Place frame2 over frame1 and reduce by 65%
Reduce paper6 by 50% and place it under the frames layers. erase any of the edges showing past the outer edge for the largest frame.
We are gonna create the shopping area above the paper layer.
Reduce the houses and stand by 35%
Reduce the sidewalk and tree2 by 50%
Planter by 355 twice, the street lamp by 25% and the road by 35%.
Use your pick tool to rotate the street to match the angle of the side walk.
Reduce the sun by 70% and place
Add paper 3 as the last layer and apply your mask. Merge group and duplicate your mask.Mirror and mereg the two mask down.
Select all then- Float- Defloat- modify- contract by 12, Promote the layer then apply Xenofex2 constellations small starts setting
Reduce the butterflies and floating flowers by 50%. place the flowers at the bottom of your frame and the butterflies at the top left corner of your tag.
We are gonna work on the elements on the bottom left of the tag
Reduce the following:
Shopping bag2 , gift2 and gift1-65%
Shopping bag1 - 50%
money -30%
Purse 35% then 80%
place your tube then reduce the ribbon by 70%
We are now gonna make a bouquet to place on the right of the tag
Reduce the flower pot by 35%
then the following flowers
Flower 3 by 25%( place at the base of the top part of the flower pot on each side, mirror it if you need to)
Place flower branch one of the flower s and reduce by 35%
Place flower branch 2 at 355 over that layer then duplicate and free rotate it 90 to the left and place to the left.
Reduce flower 2 and flower 4 by 205 and place around.
Reduce sunglasses1 by 65% twice and place at the base of the pot
Reduce the hanger by 50% then 80%
Draw a circle with the arc matching the size of the hanger.
Then take your pen tool and click the bottom node( the square) of the circle right click and select edit mode on the drop down menu. you should see a double arrow pointing right and left then right click again and select EDIT-Convert Contour. Then select your font sized 28 using the brace font type out Clothing Whore. the lettering should type on the inside of the circle. make sure the wording meets the bottom edge of the hanger. Now close the layer of the circle Convert to raster.
Repeat making a circle but this time make it as large as the largest frame, Using the same font in a smaller size type i love shopping until the wording goes all the way around, then close the cricle layer and convert to raster. Apply a thick white gradient glow
Erase any lettering that obscures the view of the hanger
place frame6 sized at 20% between the hanger and words we made
Add your name in the butter milk font and apply Artistic effects halftone- round size 2 opacity 11 , overlay and RBG. Add a thick white and black gradient glow, your artist URL, CR and your license number.
Save as a PNG.
For snags using another tube visit my blog http://leatherandlacetuts.blogspot.com/2014/07/i-love-shopping.html
Thanks for looking

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PTU I love Shopping
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